Hesanobody is the name of the Italian producer Gaetano Chirico – based in Milan, and out officially with his second EP released by Street Mission Records & PIAS. Something got our attention after the first single “Clichè“, wanted to know more about the artist and share with you. Here you are with some tales about every songs composing the new release, read below.


4 Wishes / Night 23 (Vocal Memo Sketch)

I wasn’t in a very good mood at the time, so I was trying to distract myself by playing some tunes. Honestly I’m a terrible keyboard player and while I was figuring out how to play La La Land’s City Of Stars, I came up with this gentle and melancholic piano melody. Sounded pretty good to me, so I looped it and left it on repeat while I was taking a shower. Vocal line and rough lyrics were born during those 10-15 minutes. Once out of the shower, I picked up my phone and sketched everything with the vocal memo app. A couple of months later, during the final writing session for The Night We Stole The Moonshine I finally found how to put it in context of the whole work. It became the statement to subvert during the story of the EP, so it’s both featured during the coda of the opening track “4 Wishes” and as the intro and bridge of the closing song “Night 23”.
Cliché (Vocal Memo Sketch)

After working on remixes for some of my tracks, me and my friends REMAIN spent an afternoon digging in their archives, looking for ideas for a possible collaboration. Once I heard this 30 seconds sketch of a beat, I instantly fell in love with its potential. It reminded me of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game or something off of The xx’s last album. I asked Daniele, one third of REMAIN, to send it to me and let me work on my own for a little bit. That same evening I texted them back with this very memo where I was singing the beginning of what would soon become Cliché. We finished it in a month, writing, recording, mixing and mastering with the help of the brilliant sound engineer Lex Mauro, working quickly while we were in the same city for Christmas holidays. Later last year I asked the producer of my first EP, Mark Eckert, to give his spin on the track. I was blown away by what he did. In particular the rhythmic rearrangement infused new life on the tune, unleashing its full potential.

GarageBand on my iPad is a must. It’s the place where most of my ideas take shape and Roadblock was no exception. I heard this piano riff inside my head once back home from the train station one day, so I tried to recreate it. I was listening to a lot of The National records at the time, so I started to sing in a low messianic register about a police officer stopping me and my girlfriend, searching my car in order to seize our freedom. This sketch is from a week later, after my friend and ex bandmate during the school days Sun Ground joined me at home and gave me precious advice on the arrangements. I decided with Lex to keep part of this vocal take, recorded with my earphones mic, on the finished song ‘cause in our opinion it was too good and true of the moment to top in the studio.
Mourning The Ghost (Demo)

The concept for the lyrics flows back to high school days, but it’s the last song I finished for the EP. In fact it’s the first original song I ever worked on, with the help of my friend Emanuele Triglia. He’s now a dope producer and a monster of a bass player, working with and for many of the best indie Italian artists. I called him early last year to close the loop. I was adamant about finally finishing the song after so many years and put it on the new EP. He transformed my beat using flourishing synths, angelic chimes and ghostly vocal samples. This is the very first demo of the new dress for the song, a guiding line to follow, hence why it’s so repetitive. Later during the process the keyboardist of my band, Matilde Ferrari, and Mark Eckert stepped in to help us wrap everything up and make it more in line with the rest of The Night We Stole The Moonshine. For the bass breakdown on the finished song, during the bridge, my reference was LCD Soundsystem’s “oh baby”, my favorite 2017 tune. I think it’s a unique piece of music in my small discography for its black music shades, well blended with my 80s music obsession. I’m very proud and thankful of my team.
Night 23 (Rough Instrumental)

Night 23 is the last track I wrote fo The Night We Stole The Moonshine. Last December I proposed to my producer Mark Eckert two different ideas that in my mind were destined to be one song: one was this bombastic stadium-sized pop chorus where I was singing “It’s all, it’s all / It’s all you want / Wanna know if you fell apart / I wanna regain my heart”. I had this for two years, but was too cheesy to let anybody hear. My Street Mission label boss Dani, chased me many times, pushing me to finish because he thought it had potential. The other idea was the “4 Wishes / Night 23 (Vocal Memo Sketch)” we discussed earlier. Mark was not too fond about mixing the two things and pushed for two separate songs, so we started working on Night 23 just without the 4 Wishes part. This Rough Instrumental is what we quickly came up with before realizing that we should have included that part. The drum pattern was made by sampling a congas part featured on my original idea, also a synth pad survived that demo. The bass part sounds so good it’s incredible for me to think that it was played on my flatmate’s cheap and out of tune old bass guitar.