Lavender Child is a Toronto-based musician and singer-songwriter. Reflections is the debut EP that we introduced last year. She shared a new video for the track “Plutomania“. It was directed, shot and edited by Stephanie Traplin.

Plutomania is the story of a person who has always valued wealth and material possessions over personal relationships. As the person nears the end of their life they reflect on their past and come to the realization of deep loneliness and sorrow. There is an enormous range of dynamics and emotion throughout the song as the narrative moves through the process of realization, denial and acceptance. The music video features the plutomaniac erotically and ravenously consuming “the fruits of their labors” and in the closing scene these indulgences come to an abrupt end. The production for Plutomania was proudly run by an all female crew, both behind and in front of the lens.