The fountain of perpetual decrepitude is the Savier‘s brand new release on Darkfloor Sound recordings. Available on tape format, limited run of 50 copies but of course, also available for digital download.

Savier aka Gregg Davies is a Scottish musician and producer with releases on Noise Joy, MOMT records, Acre Recordings, Darkfloor Sound and also on his own Bloody Funny Clown label.

From 2006, the date of his first release on Noise joy records, until today, Gregg has explored several genres of electronic music. Either in his solo projects under the Savier and Raw Village Hall pseudonyms, or rather by collaborating with Ingen on their common project, Savagen.

Raw village hall on Acre Recordings develops a breakcore – hardcore – rhythmic noise – techno genre. While Savagen sounds much more techno – industrial.

From his previous ep Porks Is Porks on his own Bloody Funny Clown label, Gregg Davies offers another perspective of his work under the Savier pseudonym. Even if Porks Is Porks wasn’t his first release as Savier, in my opinion, the musical identity of Savier has taken its place from this moment.

Even though his leanings toward to the musical structures of breakcore still takes a subtle place in the compositions, Savier leaves the Hardcore – techno genre and invites us, with this project, into a doomtronic – dark-hop genre with a spicy touch of industrial sounds, cleverly distributed at the right time on a breaking dub-drone beat.

This is therefore a sound I would highly recommend to those who like projects such as Techno Animal, Scorn, SIMM (Eraldo Bernocchi project) and The Bug.

This release is split between one side of original content, and one of remixed material. Providing their ample skills on the remix tip, we have excellent remixes such as the Submechanical one. And to my great delight, a remix from Acre recordings resident, Opine Kosinsky!  Following from these we have versions from the dark soundscape master Herd, Slowfoot and Project’s percussion maestro Robert Logan, the cinematic industrialist Metalogue, 5th of July and A Vengeance.

Still a few words about Gregg Davies. In my view, he is the kind of artist who, from the starting point of a project, never knows where this is going to take him. Gregg explores everything that can produce a sound in a random way. And not only in the usual way by using instruments, machines and software. But also by implementing the recording of concrete sounds as well as by exploring and experimenting electro – acoustic sounds feedback and electro sounds interferences.