Last year we introduced Peruvian pianist and composer Sergio Díaz De Rojas and his album The Morning is a River, a collaborative project with the German artist Seraphina Theresa. Now he’s back with a new track titled “Untitled” . His words about it:

One of the reasons behind my musical silence is that I am currently rediscovering my relationship with the piano. For my next record, I am trying to portray in my compositions some of my most precious memories and experiences, and that is quite demanding. They mean the world to me so I don’t want any of them to be just another piano piece.

In between composing, writing, rehearsing, and recording, I have been improvising a lot. This track is the result of one of those improvisation moments. It is very different from what I am working on but, somehow, it holds my essence, and it makes me feel well. Instead of letting it disappear along with many other pieces that I never share with others, I have decided to publish it in celebration of this year’s Piano Day. I hope you enjoy it“.