Bruno Bavota is an Italian Naples-based composer and pianist that we introduced different times. One of the most talented of this decade. Last year he released his new album titled Impression. We asked him, for Piano Day 2018, to set up a list with 5 piano-driven tracks that are important for his path and that inspired him.


Nils Frahm – Some

“Some” it’s one of my favorite solo piano pieces by Nils Frahm. Always thought it’s perfect, the sound of the hammers, fingers and the breath of piano. Everything is the right place, even the silence.

Balmorhea – Truth

Balmorhea are one of my favorite band ever and inspired a lot my music. I discover them 7 years ago and they are in my ears almost every days. Truth it’s the track who show all the power of their soundscapes, it’s hauntingly beautiful.

Hammock – I can i almost see you 

Hammock have the power of create unique and breathtaking atmosphere. The piano here is not the leading instrument, it’s like a little sneaking sound…it’s simple and essential.

Keaton Hanson – Petrichor

Probably Keaton Hanson released one of the best album in 2014. As i listen the first time to Petrichor i was walking around my town, i remember the moment…it’s a track that save us from the weight of the chaos.

Dustin O’Halloran & Hauchska – Arrival (Lion Soundtrack)

All the soundtrack of “Lion” movie is amazing. In particular the main theme it’s a gem by Dustin and Volker. This theme it’s simply perfect and in this case it’s impossible to separate music and movie.