Eight years after Out of Noise, Japanese composer and pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto released a new solo album. Async is out now via Milan Records. NHK World has released a new documenary about piano that was used for the new work.

It is described, on NHK website, with this words: “A ravaged high school piano, soaked by the tsunami, sat stoically after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Renowned musician Ryuichi Sakamoto came across it when visiting the disaster area. The sounds were divorced from conventional tonality, and Sakamoto employed them in his first album in 8 years. He also attached sensors to the keys, transforming the instrument into a machine that converts seismic waves into sounds. It was his way of conveying the message that the disaster should never be forgotten. Watch and listen as the teacher and a student who had used the “tsunami piano” before the quake react to its new melodies“. Watch the full documentary here.