Daily life passes by, slowly, with its rites and habits. But suddenly something unexpected happens, a sparkle in the rain, and these are the most exciting moments, in which you remember the beauty and the energy of life. This is the same feeling you will probably feel listening to Brighter Wounds, last release by the New York-based band Son Lux, out via City Slang.

Brighter Wounds is full of delicacy, poetry, style. Ryan Lott’s band offers the best mixture between the dark spleen of Xiu Xiu (especially in his suffering and delicate voice) and the slow and deep electronic pop of XX.

This is the summary of Son Lux music, and the songs represent this concept, starting from “Forty Screams”, which could have been taken from the most delicate pages of one of the last albums of Jamie Stewart’s Xiu Xiu. Chorus, synths, melodramatic interpretation. And “Dream State”, with its jazzy start and the noisy inserts that give tension to a melodic song. “Labor” plays with a delicate piano, an ambient structure and passionate violins, giving us a moving example of Son Lux ability to create musical pearls. “The fool you need” reveals the toughest side of the band: the base is an alt-hip hop, broken by electronic cuts. Really cool. Until a song like “Surrounded”, with a tribal techno attitude mixed with melody.

All the album deserves a careful listen and is easy to be loved. Their dark pop is deep, intelligent, contemporary. A nurturing break in our daily life.