Three years after The Scene Between, The Go! Team released a new album. Semicircle is out now via Memphis Industries.They shared a new single titled “The Only Thing New is U Finding Out About It“. Band leader Ian Parton explains the influences behind the upbeat and mostly instrumental track, saying “’The Only Thing New Is U Finding Out About It’ is an expansion of an idea from a remix I did years ago. It builds around a looping Steve Reich-esque kalimba line, with a syncopated steel drum response jumping in the gaps, and by the end a full-on choir have joined in this weird math rock African/Asian hybrid thing. The title is inspired by a Mike Watt quote – and a sentiment I’m into: that it’s up to you to go out and track down the good shit that’s out there…”.

Today they also announced they’ll perform on TruTV’s The Chris Gethard Show on April 10th, 2018, the day after their North American tour closer show at NYC’s Le Poisson Rouge.