Lingua Nada are the German Leipzig-based band that involve Adam Lenox Jr, Michel Geyer, Arvid Sifter, and Valentin “Valek” Tornow. One year after split album with Paan, they have announced the release of their first full-length. SNUFF is out on March 23rd via Kapitäne Platte (GER) and Dog Knights Productions (UK). We have the pleasure to premiere the official video for the track “Cyanide Soda“. It was directed by Nicolai Hildebrandt.

We took a bunch of strange characters and had them interact With each other. Obviously with a cute concept, its similar to a video Game such as Mortal combat, each character has little individual Story. It was the plan for me to Experiment With HD cameras and stuff, we are used to do 0 Budget lo-fi Videos. And as expected, even With HD cameras i found a way to integrate cheap visuals into the video on Postprod.
The song is an akward mixture of Mathrock,  Electronic and Straight 90s Smashing Pumpkins fuzz stuff, all this With our usual playfull/cartoony chromatic/dark chord progession. All the Sounds were Made With guitars and (many) pedals only, no real Synthesizer.
We had to learn how to swordfight and make choreography with Youtube tutorials, came home With bruises After the Shooting. I had to Bath in 35kg of Slime and I had to Shave some spots on my Body as the Slime wouldnt get Off”.