Thembi Soddell is an Australian sound artist, electroacoustic composer. Six years after her collaborative work with Anthea Caddy, she has announced the release of a new album. Love Songs is out on April 13th via Room40. “Epilogue” is the first excerpt. Listen below.

The title Love Songs,” Thembi explains, “is a little dark humour on my behalf. As the compositional process evolved the work became a meditation on the lived experience of insidious forms of abuse within supposedly loving relationships, in connection to certain forms of mental illness. These experiences are ones of extremes and emotional intensities; the tensions between horror, beauty, rage, desire, confusion, love and perceptual annihilation. Also, a good deal of the source material for the album is voice. I asked Alice Hui-Sheng Chang to vocalise perceptual collapse, which I sampled and manipulated into expressions of these themes. So, these are my love songs.