Truemantic is the interesting project of Italian Margherita di Savoia-born producer and musician Toto Ronzulli. Self-titled debut album is out o March 16th via Seahorse Recordings.

The sound is defined as a mix of loops and glitches that create a noir atmosphere, something between , minimal and “maximal” wave. An intimate album that reveals a lot but also leaves room for the listener’s imagination. A cinematic work that looks at the more melodic pop synths and the infinite repetition of the verses, developing a dark-dramatic but also romantic mantra.

At the heart of the creative process that led to the creation of the album there is Margherita di Savoia, the city where is born: “It is a magical place with something alchemical, a pristine place without the gray aspect of the big cities, just perfect for meditation “.

We have the pleasure to premiere the video fo the track “8” that features Bologna-based band Dade City Days. The track shows rough electronic lines with coldwave connections. The video is directed by Vince Osel, Ruggiero Torraco and Tommaso Todisco. Watch it below.