Five years later Hallelujah, French musician Igorrr (aka Gautier Serre) returned with a new album in 2017. Savage Sinusoid is out now via Metal Blade Records. The album features vocalists Laurent Lunoir and Laure Le Prunenec, along with drummer Sylvain Bouvier. We had a talk with the French artist about the new work, the recent US tour and more.

Let’s start from “Savage Sinusoid”. What about the idea behind it and the creative process?

For Savage Sinusoid, I wanted to work without any sample while keeping a complete variety of all the styles I love. I also wanted to reach the « live feeling » of this music, which is a very personal vision of it, kind of my ideal personal music. The whole thing starts with the composition of the tracks, after I wrote the base of a tracks, which has to be polished for some time, then comes the recordings. The thing with this music and specially this album, is that, as we are not a metal band or any classical formation, the recordings are pretty tricky, there are many instruments to record, like Harpsichord, Drums, Electric guitars, Sitar, Classical Guitars, Accordion, Percussions, Saxophone, Piano, lots of voices, strings etc… For example, there is an Harpsichord on the track ieuD, Opus Brain, Va te Foutre and Apopathodiaphulatophobie, to record it, we had to rent a truck to bring the instrument from CZ Republic to the deep country side of France where is my studio, then we had to wait some time for the instrument to get the temperature of the recording room for the intrsumentist, Katerina Chrobokova to be able to tune it. Speaking about tuning, the recording with the Sitar were quite tricky as well because of the way a Sitar is tuned, that was not corresponding at all with the track at first, despite the fact that the Sitar part on Opus Brain is very short, we had to retune it completely, and to make things more complicated, the names of the notes on this Indian instruments are not the same as the note I knew. For the whole album, It was a research of detail and quality for every instrument. Then come the mixing and the mastering which took ages as well as I wanted to reach my musical ideal.

Artwork is stunning. What about it?

The artwork has been made by Valnoir.  I have been working with many musicians on this album, it has been a pretty hard process and we had to be really much united together during the making of the album. This cover represent a kind of strong union between many musical styles all together like the way we have been during the process of the recordings.

Visual part seems to be important and besides the artwork, the official video for “ieud” impressed me. What about it and visuals connected to your music?

ieuD was very cool to shoot, and also very hard because of the cold, there is no fake in this video, Laurent is for real half naked, barefoot in the snow during a snow storm, and the shooting this day has last many hours. Also, during the shooting of the mud scenes, we all got sick, we were actually fighting in the mud for real, and by mistake, we had to swallow some mud, then we all got sick for a couple of days after it.
The visuals of the music really depends of the tracks: as it is for the music, the visuals keeps evolving without any boundaries.

What is your way to try to give new shapes to your sound? What is your concept of innovation in music right now?


Recently, you finished the tour in Canada and US. How was it? It was your first American tour, right?

Yes, it was our first America tour and we just finished it, it has been crazy, we didn’t know what to expect and the feedback has been very very strong. North America, including Canada, U.S.A and Mexico, everything has been very intense. We’ll be back there probably very soon.

How do you conceive live shows compared to studio sessions?

Live shows as studio sessions are a part of the whole thing, both are at the opposite mood but complementary, studio sessions are more like being in a introspective mood to dig into yourself while live touring is more like being open, expressing what you’ve been working for years before at the studio. When you tour for very long, you’re impatient to get back to the studio, and the other way around, when you spend too much time in the studio, you’re impatient to tour !

What are the best release you recently appreciated?

The band is Car Bomb and the album I’ve been listening to recently is called “Meta”, crazy good album.