A two years ago, the American label Stratford Ct. released an official single produced by Disquette•s, such an outsider project that involved two Italians producer. You can also listen to it here and take a look at the official video for the song “A Space For You.

Well, these were the official releases by this project and listening to it you’ll figure out how the fellas were on time and part of chillwave producers well represented in the scenario from Neon Indian, Washed Out and so on. After a while, Disquette•s selected a new mix and create a collage sticking all the fragments coming from that mysterious decade. Time to have a drink, sit down and enjoy it.

Closeup On The Planets vol. 1 from disquette•s on Vimeo.

Official SC: https://soundcloud.com/disquette-s

Official Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/disquettes/