Two years after For Every Silence, British producer and musician Ryan Vail has announced the release of a new album. Distorted Shadows is out on April 20th via Belfast imprint Quiet Arch. It features Rachael Boyd and Laura McCabe on violin and cello. The track “Night Moves” features a spoken word performance by the Australian artist Ry X.  “As It Tears” is the first excerpt. Listen below.

“Distorted Shadows was about capturing the last two years of my life as a musician, trying to make sense of the industry” Vail explains, “Keeping music as an art form, has always been so important in my writing process. This album reflects a broad range of my musical taste and influences over these last few years. Challenging the standardised way in which musicians now a days think they have to structure songs and tracks. The album was wrote to be listened as a whole, taking the listener on a journey.”