Anenon is the moniker of Los Angeles-based musician and producer Brian Allen Simon that we introduced two years ago with the album Petrol. Now he’s back with a new work. Tongue is out now via Friends of Friends. His words about it:

I live in the city of ephemerality. The omnipresent LA light soaks my mind and body and moves me forward towards a dark and inconsistent absence of remembrance, Around me, histories are bought and sold daily in an unplanned, urban and suburban dwelling that on paper makes zero sense, but in reality has become a haven for wide open creative thinking and action that couldn’t exist anywhere else. No matter where I go, the music that I make comes from this state of mind.

“I wanted to make music that can live inside of anywhere one finds themselves: city or country,” Simon says. “It’s a series of shifting moods and melodies that through the heart, mind, hands, throat, and tongue sing an outpouring of metaphysical, nuanced psychedelic passing truth.