Mesadorm is the new Bristol-based collaborative project lead by singer-songwriter Blythe Pepino of Vaults. It is defined as a project designed to be a truly unique expression of each member’s artistic palette, bringing together a stunning array of musical concepts and timbresHeterogaster is the debut album that is out on May 11th, 2018. We already shared “Tell Me”;  “Yours And Not Yours” is a new excerpt. Listen below.

“YANY is a purging song for me” explains Blythe, “It has something of the moment when self-doubt and doubt in everything around us collides. A special kind of doubt I think us ‘beneficiaries’ of the Western Capitalist model are now experiencing. The kind where, perhaps at a certain destabilising point in your life, the kind faces of friends and family and lovers melt into the smiles of the adverts forced upon you for addictive crap you don’t need. It has something of the taste of looking for home when everything you’ve been grown to enjoy carries the smell of burnt flesh and deceit. After that you must learn to look for what joy really is to you because the potential to fill yourself up with the other stuff is very real and very easy and all the while someone else is dying for your comfort on the TV screen.”