Moscow-based multi-insturmentalist and sound artist Ian Kubra released a new album. Current Double, Hermetic Songs is out now via Shimmering Mood Records. His words about it:

The album is exploration of how could songs get their birth through ambient nebulas and vice versa to create a flow where the integrity of personal being with all its pain and losses always interacts with the wider universe which tends to dissolute everything but also and that is much more important point which blesses us by inner natural forces and kind of alchemy and possibilities we do not even know of yet. There is an almost completely lost feeling of сonnection with the non-human entities like trees, planets and elements but their presence always gives us an experience of beauty which helps to understand and reaffirm faith in human relationships also which are often tied to weird cycles similar to those of nature’s. 
Paracelcius said that the most powerful remedies are love and natural light so there is a always a way not to get lost too long in personal dark ages. 
This album has its landscape. Dark and broad landscape of southern europe with red mountains and seaside near, an infinity of hotels where chains of people try to get rid of relationships short circuits, memories and common sense, to breathe each other inside out 
and feel it all again and again. Imagine all these exotic mountain and seaside lands when the season is not summer, the sky is not clear, and heart is sober. And rented hotels are not homes. 
It is far cry from the music I was doing as mpala garoo and in other musical projects – much more darker and obscure but somehow it prepares the ground and the air for the future music I have intention to make where the voice and words has their time and place. 
Album has a hymnal nature and raw sense, sense of uncompleteness which I am interested in now. One of the traits of primordial mentality was a deep belief that if you make something completely finished it is dead so you need to leave this open interval, an interval for the unknown as in famous zen circle“.