German violinist, composer and producer Alex Stolze (that we introduced last year with the project Solo Collective) has announced a new full-length. Outermost Edge is out on March 16th via Nonostar Records. “Alkorhythmus” is the first excerpt. Listen below.

Across ‘Outermost Edge’, Stolze is not afraid to explore sonic experimentation and refinement with the violin as his centrepiece. Ever since John Cale’s viola distortions with The Velvet Underground, and German master of modernism Karlheinz Stockhausen’s 1950s experiments with the electronic processing of orchestral instruments, there has been much experimentation and dialogue between the violin and the exploration of finding new ways to work with such instruments and Stolze is the latest proponent of such methods.

His music has often been compared to the laconic surrealism of post blues strings man Andrew Bird and the minimal post-pop musings of Canadian solo artist and collaborator Hannah Epperson, with pop culture experimentalists such as Owen Pallett and Patrick Wolf also inspiring Stolze. Alex explains, “it is a very interesting time to use an instrument steeped in so much history and to try to keep it alive and relevant to the modern world”.