Three years ago we introduced Italian five-piece band Leland Did It with the track “Kitty Cat” and they were also included in one of our 2016 mixtapes. The project involves Vittorio Di Lorenzo, Giuseppe Di Lorenzo, Vittorio Di Lorenzo, Giuseppe Sciorsci, Michele Simone Scagliusi. Tempo is the 2016’s debut full-length, out now via Piccola Bottega Popolare.

Photo by Valerie Jendryke

Now they return with a new EP. It includes two remixes of the track “Detachment“. They were curated by New York-based sound artist Dead Rabbit and producer Monday No Job (Vito Cacciapaglia). We have the pleasure to premiere the EP below.


Their words about it: “Remixes reveal the dual nature of “Detachment”, the psychedelic side and the cruelty. In fact, the inclusion of both means to keep the two natures together but separated”.

Check also the video of the original track.