Cloud Castle Lake is the Dublin-based band that includes Brendan William Jenkinson, Rory O’Connor, Daniel McAuley and Brendan Doherty. New album is due out later this year. They shared a new video for the track “Twins“. It was directed by directed by Irish filmmaker Kenny Leigh in collaboration with the band.

“Nearly all of it was shot outdoors at Russborough House just as a hurricane was approaching, so towards the end of the day the weather got pretty hairy,” explains the band’s Brendan Jenkinson on the making of the video. “It was very unpleasant at the time but ended up working really well with the arc of the video. We wanted to capture the same mood and feel of dream sequences in 50s/60s European films. We found that, in a kind of counter-intuitive way, it really suited the music and gave a new dimension to the lyrics.”