Two years after Taking The Veil, Greek composer and musician Hior Chronik released a new album. Out Of The Dust is out now via 7k!. His words about it:

“I tried to combine ambient and drone sounds with strings and piano  following a harmonic direction. I wanted to make a soundtrack for a movie that was never shot. The mood is melancholic, but not only that: There’s a dark side, but I made it run parallel with bright soft melodies”, Chronik continues.

And on the topic of his music influences: “It’s hrd to specify what exactly they were, but I think I’m close to Max Richter and in some ways to Arvo Part. Besides that, true inspiration comes from my life experiences, even the small little things: books, films,  people I meet, travels. And being close to nature: I would say that’s the  base of everything”.

He shared a new video for the track “In A Paralle Universe“. It was directed by the Romanian artist Doina Domenica Cojocaru Thanasiadis and shot in the countryside of Băcşeni; a small village close to the Romanian/Moldovan border.