We asked to different musicians, producers, bloggers, journalists, label owners to make a short list of their best albums of this year. This is a special list  by Ben from great French blog Sodwee.com

Our top pick for 2017 has now won many accolades including one for Best Album in with “Process” at the Mercury Awards in Britain. Sampha is of the shy, reserved and modest type. His character traits definitely transpire on his debut studio album “Process” released back in February. An album so perfectly honed both on production crafted with Scottish music producer Rodaidh McDonald and lyrical composition. It’s especially relevant on “Blood On Me” and our personal favourite track from the LP: “Reverse Faults”. A true masterpiece in its own right. Nurtured over time, introspection and the events thrown at Sampha during the ‘process’. He’s the clear standout storyteller this year. A poet in the making with bright ideas and a vast array of skill to cut the perfect record.
The quick-fire 36 minutes from Vince Staples’ “Big Fish Theory” still resonates loud and clear in the back of my brain even if it was released back in June. “Big Fish Theory” instantly made my Top 10 and eventually climbed higher as the album grew tighter and closer to my personal taste in terms of production and lyrical composition. It is as bold as a creative statement can be. It dominates the game softly and yet remains assertive enough to make you think a little further. With collaborations with Flume, Kendrick Lamar, Damon Albarn and A$AP Rocky and more. Vince Staples makes it very clear that he was the only one out there to make it work so brilliantly for his second album.
Tyler, The Creator’s opens up like never before in firth solo album, his composition and rapping style are mastered, well weighed and penned. With featuring such as Rex Orange County, Estelle, Frank Ocean and A$AP Rocky to name a few, “Flower Boy” shines an introspective light onto Tyler’s character in the span of 14 tracks. As well as an effective coming-out-of-the-closet moment in Garden Shed featuring Estelle, always delivered as expected from Tyler, The Creator. With thick, dark and gutural vocals and quick, to-the-point flow
From Malmö, Sweden, comes a delicate dream pop duo that only nordic weather can nurture: Wy are lovers in real life, both are struggling with social anxiety and by magical trickery somehow manage to picture the essence of bearing that kind of anxiety in their music. As if you were part of their lives. Straight in from the start of the album with “Indolence” to the closing track “Gone Wild”. Their effort is in line as one of our cherished album of 2017. Not to mention it’s only their debut.
This was a a tough one to choose. Brotherly twin-duo Matt & Will Ritson’s Formation “Look at the Powerful People” album made the cut solely based on the raw, powerful delivery of their insane live performance, the sharp rhythmic section on display, and the cut-throat vocal delivery throughout the debut album. From groove-laden “Drugs” to the last plea in “Ring” via high-octane highlight in track number eight titled “A friend”. The band manages to emerge as a clear hybrid of LCD Soundsystem, Primal Scream and Friendly Fires with its own cow-bell twisted fantasy.