We asked to different musicians, producers, bloggers, journalists, label owners to make a short list of their best albums of this year. This is the list curated by Fabio Guastalla (Ondarock, Il Mucchio, Selvaggio) about underrated albums.

Froth – Outside (Briefly) / Wichita Recordings

The best album of this year which you won’t found in other lists. Guitars and synths are constantly moving and coming back, and design gradually different scenarios , from darkness to space. The indie-rock as it should be.

Solki – Peacock Eyes / Ibexhouse, Astio Collettivo, Fegato Dischi, Sacred Hood, Santa Valvola

Far away from the lights of Italian indie scene and born from a rib of Blue Willa, Solki are one the best art-rock acts that we have. However, they are due mainly to Serena Altavilla stunning vocals.

Stevens / Mulhy / Dessner / McAlister – Planetarium / 4AD

I can’t explain the tiny echoes for this album.  There are names, label and talent. The album mixes diffeent styles and it is a piece of art and ability that deserved to be treated in a better way.

Cobalt Chapel – Cobalt Chapel / K-Love

They are included in different lists but this debut went unnoticed, considering the quality of music content. British band sound combine folk textures, psichedelic lines e and prog vibes. “We Come Willingly” is one of the best songs of the year.

Jarvis Cocker & Chilly Gonzales – Room 29 / Deutsche Grammophon

British singer-songwriter and the Canadian pianist wrote their bizarre concept about Los Angeles Chateau Marmont room. Modern classical, theater sketch; a middle ground between sophistication and kitsch. But not everybody got it.