2017 will be remembered as the year of the battle between good and evil. The struggle between fake democracies (EU decline and Trump’s disaster are two parts of the same picture) and public opinions, democratic movements and human rights campaigns have given rock music the chance to represent the second ones, in different ways. From the dreamy comeback of Ride and Anathema to the idealistic synth pop of Austra and Future Island (poetry in music), from the strong political attack by Algiers and Roger Waters (sorry for citing God besides human beings) to the noisy nightmares by NIN (perfection in music, nothing to add), Telescopes (fuzz, vapors, whispers in a breathtaking release), Protomartyr (punk and post punk together to make you feel alive), ending with the discover there is a new wave of Italian songwriters describing critically what happens in their country, as Brunori Sas does in his little jewel. See you in 2018.