Saturday Come Slow is our weekly recap with the 10 (plus 1) best artists that we have shared. Listen Below and click the title of the song to read our post about the track or the album. Saturday Come Slow will stop for one week. This space will return on January 6th.

[Album Streaming]: Sterling Grove – “Parallel Lines”

[Streaming]: Lauren Auder – “The Baptist”

[Video]: Flying Horseman – “Deep Earth”

[Streaming]: Nocow – “Libbi”

[Video]: Surma – “Plass”

[Album Streaming]: Cumino – “Godspeed”

[Video]: Frank Bretschneider – “Mechanik”

[Video]: Tim Kuhl – “Mutations I”

[Streaming]: Abyss X – “Critical Path”

[Streaming]: Zenjungle – “Fragmented Lives” (excerpt)

[Streaming]: Snorri Hallgrímsson – “Homeless”

[Streaming]: Xenia Rubinos – “Levitating” (feat. Olga Bell and Sammus)