Originally conceived as a one-off event, 2016’s “Alien Disko” turned out such a stunning success, both critically and commercially, that all parties involved have decided to continue with a second edition on December 15th and 16th in Munich. It was initiated by brothers Markus and Micha Acher (The Notwist).

Lineup includes The Notwist, Shabazz Palaces, Konono n°1, Michaela Melián, Notwist amiina Vanishing Twin, Ms. John Soda, Sam Amidon, Colleen and more. Check the facebook event for more. We had a talk with Markus Acher about the festival.

Next week Alien Disko Festival will debut in Munich with second edtion. But let’s start from the city. How is the situation from a music scene point of view?

The music scene in munich is really great at the moment. There are many labels like Echokammer, gutfeeling, Schamoni records and bands like Friends of Gas, das weiße Pferd, LeRoy, Grexits, G-Rag, rumpeln and many others. Very diverse and interesting. But on the other hand, the rents are so high and life is very expensive, and also there aren’t many open, alternative spaces, so that makes it very difficult to be just an artist or musician.

 The lineup is something huge and beyond genres. How is born the idea of this festival? Is there a concept behind it?

Many great international bands don’t come to munich anymore, as the audience is too small , and only play Berlin, so we tried to use the fact, that when we play with the Notwist, there are a few people coming, as we are from munich, to invite bands, we really like to play with us.

Last year, we had the chance to let this happen in a Theater im the middle of munich, with three stages and a room for a Disco afterwards.

This was how the Alien Disko was born. This year it’s for the second time, and we are really happy.We try to invite international bands, we really like, and wouldn’t come to munich otherwise maybe. They are all very special and can’t be easily categorized.

What about the name and the location (Münchner Kammerspiele) of the festival? And did you ever think to a summer edition in an open space?

The Kammerspiele offered to host the festival, which is incredible for us, as the rooms are really nice, and it’s Right in the middle of the City. 

I have the dream of a summer-edition, but That’s so much harder to organize, as in germany, it can always rain. We played so many festivals, where it just rained from the beginning to the end, and the organizers lost a lot of money.

So this would have to be planned very carefully.

Is there a festival (or more) that you like and which inspired the idea of Alien Disko?

ATP was a big influence, as there were so many incredible bands, I had never heard of. But also, as it is in munich, we try not to compare to other festivals too much, and try to do something, that could only take place here… which includes the bands from here, too.

Last question not related to the festival. What are the best releases you recently appreciated?

bons: “Gras H’utsi” LP (Spillage fete)

Carla dal Forno: “the Garden”

V.A.: “Even trees can shed tears” (Light in the attic )