A breath of fresh air, a rainbow of positive attitude, a rollercoaster of pop emotions. This is what you will find in Colors, the last release from Beck. Out for Capitol, it underlines the need of the artist to create new and clear vibes of positivity, after years of opposite images. This is why Beck makes a jump from his last efforts (especially from Morning Phase) and gets to the marvelous world of pop music. I’m not saying that in the past he didn’t read the pop literally but now we can listen a fine and delicious pop candy.

Everything is related to the melodic side and the fact is that in Colors you can listen nice songs, with the typical research of thousand of mixed sounds. The title-track is a clear manifesto: electronic, dancy and with modified voices. “I’m so free” is a typical nineties alternative song, with a refrain taken from Blur. “Dear Life”, the finest episode of the album, is a lovely homage to life, based on a catchy piano riff. “Dream” is taken directly from alternative dancefloors scene, while “No Distraction” has a syncopate walk that reminds me some old songs from Police.

My first serious encounter with Beck coincides with his “easier” opera, and the feeling is positive. A good release for a veteran songwriter that shows again his great peculiarities.