Three years ago we introduced London-based band Seyr with Nights WIthout. They released a new ep titled One of Very Few. We have the pleasure to premiere a new track titled “Ironically” that shows the warm and delicate vocals and the refined minimal lines of the sound. Their words about it:

We have a lot of talented friends around us that, for a long time now, we have wanted to get involved one way or another. For this one we spliced up the lovely Stella Talpo humming and threaded it throughout and just went from there really. We’ve started really getting into using the voices we have around us as different layers and textures. Lyrically, for me, it represents a kind of sense of being unsure and in a way almost getting to know who you are and the different versions you can have of yourself”.

The band detail the EP: “We’ve been away for a bit. We didn’t realise how life can just creep up on you, and fade out your plans or dreams when least expected. Call it naïvety. But I think inside, we’re all still, and always will be, the little kid we were when we were first brought into this world. We’ve come to realise the power of ideals, and how other ideals can intercept and disrupt your own. The idea of what we ‘should be’ doing, skewing the vision of what we want to do. Following your own vision can be a hard road to go down, filled with criticism, and doubt. I think we see why people feel that way. But it’s a road that is pathless to us.