Lucida are a Philadephia-based quartet that involve Jiah Pearson-Leary (Vocals and guitar), Stefanie Eichmann (Keys and vocals), Bill Carley (Drums and vocals) and Warren Minnix (Bass and vocals). “Real” is a new track that is part of debut EP Hush. Their words about the track:

This starts off as the slowest and most sparse song on our new release, but we try and build it up to a huge roar of sound by the end of it, which is pretty representative of what we are going for as a band. While lyrically at first glance the song seems like a longing for a lost lover, it’s more of an extended metaphor for holding on to something that everyone around you knows you lost except you, whether it’s a dream you just don’t have the skills to make a reality, the image of you in high school – whatever holds you back from really being who you should be as a human, and getting the courage to let it go and move on.