Leningrad (Ленинград) is a Saint Petersburg based ska band. Born in late 90’s they haven’t had a great chance to spread their music around the world. Through the years they’ve been undergoing major changes in their music style and choices, but their image hasn’t been modified that much. Their polemical political approach has transformed them into an unwanted guest for important figures like Moscow’s Mayor who denied them the chance to play for a few years in Russia’s capitol city. I had the chance to discover them last summer when my Russian friend Darya introduced me to their amazing video “Kolshik”. We were having breakfast at her place in south Moscow when she decided to show me this bloody, funny piece of art: a reversed story about a bizarre, tragic accident during a Circus show.

Shot by the advertising company Fancy Shot, “Kolshik” won a series of awards for being a genial short movie. Later on, Leningrad released a second video in 2017 for the single “Voyage”. This one as well directed by Ilya Naishuller. The video is again a mixture of fun, adrenaline and blood, depicting the sad epilogue of a robber life.

Take a look at their amazing videos below.