Sports Team is a British project from Harlesden (west London) with influences of bands as Pavement and The Family Cat. Winter Nets is the debut EP that is out via Nice Swan Records in January 2018. “Stanton” is the first track that shows biting vocals and sound.

At one of their first gigs in London, they met producer Dave McCracken (Ian Brown, Depeche Mode, Florence & The Machine) who invited them down to his Hammersmith studio to get to work. As the band explain:

“He came to a show about a year ago and has become a close friend. He’s based out of an old timber yard, which has a working mill and a small studio where they used to record Dr Who sound effects in the 70s. The council are knocking it down to make a multi-level parking lot in six months, so we’re trying to do as much as we can while it’s there.

About the track “Stanton was the first song we wrote, and the last song we play live; so it seemed like a good one to get out first… It also felt right kicking off the first track with Alex singing ‘everybody thinks I’m a joke’ – like cracking a bottle on a ship’s hull.