Strange Boy is the London-based project that involves Kieran Brunt and Matt Huxley. Annunciation is the new ep that is out now and available via Spotify. Four tracks show powerful and warm vocals, refined dynamic electronic lines and ambient textures. After the streaming, you can read the words of the singer Kieran Brunt about each track of the EP. They will play on November 28th at Thousand Island.


“Annunciation”. This song fixates on one point in time, looking at it from numerous perspectives – cosmic, biological, biblical and autobiographical… I really wanted it to be sound powerful but  minimal. We used vocals, strings, brass and clean electronic jolts to paint a picture of the web of impulses which connect millions of moments in time.
I’m not religious but my background is in choral singing. I’ve spent a lot of time in churches, and the poetry in the bible has seeped quite heavily into my lyric-writing. This song uses the poetry of the Annunciation to talk about a real moment in a young person’s life.
“Love the Night”.A friend is making an opera based on the most insane book, Set This House In Order by Matt RuffIt’s about people with split personalities who are struggling to understand which is their true self. As an anxious millennial this struck a chord with me, so I wrote this obscure song where someone goes on a voyage of self-discovery inside their own head.
The song features harp played by the amazing Anne Denholm and freaky, fractured vocals from our talented friend Josephine Stephenson.
“I Won’t Say These Things”. I love those snippets of conversations you hear in isolation as you walk past someone in the street. This was like one of those moments; I was visiting family in Liverpool and heard someone shout in a pub ‘I won’t say those things no more!’
…so I made it into a song, and before I knew it it had become this softly uttered, Brokeback-ish story set in an industrial, northern town. Someone drinks too much and reveals a huge secret to the people in his local pub. We’ve all almost been there.
“Corbusier”. I discovered the architect Le Corbusier when I stumbled upon an exhibition about him in Spain. He was a flawed visionary who lived and breathed creativity. I was writing my first songs at the time, the scope and breadth of his designs made me feel like electricity was running through my veins. It was totally invigorating.
The song uses grainy, buzzing synths and sugary textures to create that heady feeling I had walking around the gallery. It’s a feeling which I’ll never forget.