Pinkshinyultrablast is a Russian project (lead by vocalist Lyubov) from St. Petersburg which released two full-length. One year after Grandfeathered, they returned with a new track. “In The Hanging Gardens” is out now via Club AC30.  Of the track, Lyubov had this to say:

 “It’s strange to think that the memories we cherish the most are in fact the ones that with time become most distorted. The process of recollection is not only an act of reconstructing an image or an event but also to a large extent a product of imagining and perceiving. Find Your Saint takes its inspiration from the notions of memory and imagination and considers various ways those become intertwined so closely in an act of recalling. We often retreat to our most darling memories to seek comfort in a moment of desolation, but could it be that even those are nothing more but the ever-improvised beautiful stories we tell ourselves to lull ourselves into sleep and out of lonesomeness?”