Sampa The Great is a A Zambian Sidney-based poet and singer-songwriter. She signed with Big Dada and released a new mixtape. Birds And The BEE9 is out now; tracks show the interesting mix of hip-hop lines, electronic textures and soul connections. Full streaming is available below.

Working with a close circle of producers to help realise her musical vision – including Kwes DarkoSensible J andAlejandro ‘JJ’ Abapo – spanning spiritually-minded gospel and chants to neo-soul and hip-hop, it’s intertwined with a clearly-defined, no-holds-barred political outlook, and speaks a message of healing after her own experiences of hurt and pain.

Born in Zambia, raised in Botswana, her upbringing continues to bear an influence on her music. Moving to Australia four years ago, the connections she made there have propelled her to where she now stands. Living in Sydney when she first arrived, it was the shock of losing a close friend which prompted her to take the leap to try to become an artist. Going to the city’s weekly Jazz Hip-Hop Freestyle sessions for the first time, she went onstage to join the band and continued to go there each week, building up a network of likeminded music heads.