Townsppl is the interesting project of American multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Alex Stanton. Twigs is the new album that is out on November 10th as self-production. We are glad to share the premiere of the new excerpt “The road to end up“.

His words about the album and the track: “The album Twigs came about over the course of a few years and as the result of a few experiments. I was playing around with ways to fit songwriting into my life and came up with a concept where I would set a timer for 25 minutes and write a song once per day. I did this for close to 3 months and ended up with 60 some songs to choose from when it came time to record. Like a lot of the songs, In the initial session “twigs” began as just the first verse and chorus, which I find is just enough to make a decision about whether it’s an idea worth pursuing.

I gave myself a few other creative limitations when recording, for fun, and also to make a more cohesive record. I decided to work without software instruments and with a small pallet of sounds, which ended up being pretty much what was in the room at the time: the ukulele, my harmony parlor guitars, a disassembled drum set, an upright bass that my grandparents had as an art piece, the piano, a silvertone electric, and anything I could find in the kitchen for percussion. Almost everything was recorded at home in the kitchen and mixed and mastered with producer Jake Hanner of Donora.

The main vibe of the track was built around this irish bodhrán drum, which was pitched way down to feel like a gong of some kind. The intro started with a slide guitar playing in bouzouki tuning (hi E pulled into the slot with b and tuned down to b). Jonathan, who plays drums on the track is playing a cookie tin with a hand full of chickpeas for the snare and a colander for the ride. There was something sort of ancient and futuristic about that combination of sounds to me which fit right in with the lyric“.