Lowly is the Danish project that involves Nanna Schannong, Kasper Staub, Thomas Lund, Soffie Viemose, Steffen Lundtoft. One year after Sink For Me Ep, they released their first full-length Haba via Bella Union.  They shared a new video for the track “No Hands“.

Their words about it: “We are very honored to have been given permission to use (S)kjønn Safari as the visuals for No Hands. In the video there is an intense and restless struggle between attraction and revulsion between two people that seem to be both in need of each other but and tearing each other down. That makes the piece beautiful and devastating at the same time, the same goes for the song itself and what it seems to be telling
The core of the song is this ambivalence and perhaps why we thought it fitted so well with Louis’ and Harald’s performance.”