Submerge – Bubble People. Bubble People is the London-based project lead by Jasper Sdougos. “Submerge” is the first excerpt from debut ep. Their music mixes a range of neo-psychedelic music, drawing influence from space rock bands, as well as modern electronic music. Listen below.

Holding Hands – Magic Lantern. The Magic Lantern, the project of Jamie Doe, is set to release his latest single “Holding Hands” on October 30th via Hectic Eclectic Records. Listen below.

Ride – ClayjayClayjay is a Los Angeles-based producer and the new track is called “Ride” with vocals from Toronto rapper TOBi. “My production process usually begins with finding a strange sound that you would never expect to fit into a song,” says Clayjay. “I almost view it as a challenge to take the weirdest sounds I can think of, and make them seamlessly fit into my production. This could mean turning something into a percussive sound or finding something with more of a pitch to it and turning this into a playable instrument.”

Turn The Sky Gold – Jaguar Bones. Jaguar Bones are Josh Beech (formerly of Beech), born in South East, London and now living in LA. Producer/songwriting team James and Joseph Dzuris (writers for One Republic signed to Downtown Music), born in Detroit and currently living between Denver and LA. They shared a new track titled “Turn The Sky Gold“.

Speaking on the track, Josh says: “James, Joseph and I wrote and recorded the track between Los Angeles, Malibu and Joshua Tree Desert. Moving locations while creating the song was crucial in order to organically capture the vibe we craved to share with listeners; the heart of the ocean, the soul of the desert and the chaos of the city streets. Lyrically the song speaks cryptically of the current climate and our belief in the power of love overcoming fear and turmoil. We wanted to keep the lyrics broad so listeners could find their own double entendres and envision their own stories in ours words and sounds”.

Eloise – Daniel Tortoledo.  Venezuelan-american songwriter, based in Brooklyn, released a new track titled “Eloise”. This is a special song for me”, Tortoledo says. “When we first started putting it together with the band, I remember challenging the drummer to a bare minimum use of cymbals. Listening to the track today, I think it shows how much it can be accomplished with so little.” he adds. “Anecdotes aside, I believe and stand behind every word in the lyrics”.