One year after Merry6mas2016 (Tempus Fugit), Leicester-based musician and sound artist Yellow6 returned with a new album. About The Journey is out now via sound in silence. Full streaming is available below.

About The Journey is made up of six new tracks with a total duration of about 75 minutes. All tracks, recorded in the first half of 2017, were inspired by the concept of the album which is about the journey of life. Knowing perfectly how to create his wonderful cinematic soundscapes, Yellow6 offers a beautiful chilled out collection of sounds where loops of ambient textures and layers of nostalgic guitar melodies are filled with a background constructed by minimal beats and droning feedback. The result is one of the finest Yellow6 works to date which appeals to all fans of atmospheric music of artists like Labradford, Brian McBride, Windy & Carl, Low and Roy Montgomery.