Boniface is a Canadian Toronto-based singer-songwriter. “Again & Again” is a new track that shows his fragile and delicate vocals and the evocative vibes of the sound. It is the B-Side of the debut single, I Will Not Return As A Tourist.

Of the track, Boniface says: “I always find myself drifting towards the intimacy I tapped into on “Again and Again”. I wrote it just after finishing up “I Will Not Return as a Tourist” and I think in a lot of ways it was a reaction to the way “Tourist” ended up. “I will Not Return as a Tourist” is really massive in scope – such huge feelings of restlessness and sprawling production. “Again and Again” is the other side of that. I wrote it about the simple, sweet, intimate moments you experience while feeling stagnant. The routines you settle into and only realise were precious in hindsight.