Bonnie Li is the Berlin-based duo that involves Bonnie Li and Elia M. Debut ep will be out in November. “We should go to sleep as the Birds are singing” is the first excerpt that shows the dark mood of the song, trip-hop lines and the stunning female vocals. Watch the official video below.

“I have been for a very long time parasitized by ghosts of the past, becoming my own ghost, trying to make things right for everyone all the time. When I was composing this song, it became clear to me that I had to stop staying attached to all those things that were in the end out of my reach, and poisoning my life. Let the gossipers talk, like many birds chatting.

The music video is starring a woman letting herself carried away by the whirl of one of her hallucinations. I think that madness can be something beautiful in which you can find inner peace.”