Three years later In The Silence, Icelandic singer-songwriter and musican Ásgeir released a new album. Afterglow is out now via One Little Indian. He collaborated with producer Guðmundur Kristinn Jónsson and his father – renowned poet Einar Georg Einarsson – who is credited with writing the lyrics for the album alongside long-time musical collaborators, Ásgeir’s brother Thorsteinn and Julius Robertsson.

He shared a new video for the track “I Know You Know“. Shot near Ásgeir’s hometown in the north of Iceland, directors Baldvin Albertsson and Arnar Helgi Hlynsson explain the inspiration behind the video: Basically our pitch was inspired by Ásgeir’s recent “slow-tv” that aired in Iceland, so we took the idea a step further and made a “slow-music video” about Ásgeir simply having a nice day working in the field. But, as usually happens in creative projects we started getting ideas as we went and together came up with the ending that we thought was really nice.”