Alice Boman is a Swedish singer-songwriter. After different critically-acclaimed EPs, she announced the release of the debut album. She shared the stunning first excerpt “Dreams”. 

Her words about the track: “I wrote ‘Dreams’ more than 2 years ago and I can’t recall exactly what was in my mind at the time.But I do remember being in the studio later on recording the song.I had just gotten a disappointing text message and I was sad and upset, and then I had to record vocals.

And I remember that it hit me, when singing the song, that although I wrote it at another time it captured just how I felt in that moment too.
And it comforted me somehow, that that’s how it is. Everything is constantly changing. But some things always feels the same. Heartache is never easy.
And in those moments it’s important to find something to hold on to.
To keep on dreaming.”
Listen below.