Duran Duran Duran is the stage name of Philadelphia-based producer Ed Flis. Seven years after Over Hard, he released a new album. Duran is out now via Power Vacuum. We had a little talk with the american artist about the new release. Read our interview after the full streaming of the album.

Duran” is your latest work. What about it and the creative process? And the main inspiration?

I guess my creative process is influenced a lot by birds and also the planets. I often take a look at the night sky and then play some bird sounds and try to connect the dots of the starts into shapes, which I then use as waveforms to create my songs. Also I spend a lot of time editing bird sounds into gabber kicks.

Artwork is stunning. What about it? And h
ow much important is the visual part for your work?

Thank you! I’m really happy with it. This is all up to the genius of the Broken Tools guys. They got this result from running images of pieces of raw meat through mathematical filters. Visuals are quite important to me, but it’s really not my area of expertise so I have to rely on people who are much more talented than I am. I think the entire package of a release is what separates it from just a random folder full of mp3s or an unmarked CDR.

The sound of your new work has a strong impact and it is powerful and with different levels of contamination. This is your way to try to give new shapes to your sound? What is your concept of innovation in music right now?

I think my main concept of innovation is people doing quite extreme things, like Pricasso for example who paints pictures only with his penis. Or that guy who cuts his penis off as a performance piece and then sews it back on. That’s quite innovative.

Are you planning a tour for this album? What is the best part of live shows for you?

I thought about doing a tour for the album but sadly I am too old now. I would probably die after 2 or 3 days. However I will play anywhere on the weekends if you want to book me – just get in touch! The best part of live shows for me is the 15 minutes before I go on stage and I’m waiting for the drum n bass dj before me to play his last 3 tunes, which he promised were his last 3 tunes 6 tunes ago, and I’m sitting there behind the stage alone wondering what I’m doing with my life.

You performed to Freqs of Nature Festival. What about this experience?

It was actually a great vibe and I was really impressed with the quality of the sound systems on all the stages. I pretty much cleared the dancefloor, but that’s not really a new experience for me – the crowd seemed much more interested in dubstep. I would definitely play there again.

What are the best releases you recently appreciated?


Orange Julius – Juice III: Presidential Kush

Iljuswifmo – Laz

Aethereal Arthropod – Swarm

Monster X – Ghosts