Xenoula is the project of Uk-based South African-born multi-instrumentalist Romy Xeno who has recently signed with Weird World. “Chief Of Tin” is a new track produced by Sam Dust (LA Priest). Wacth the official video below.


Xenoula is a female, silver-skinned, humanoid octuplet. 9,000 years ago she was sent to Earth on a comet from the edge of the solar system, where beings like her have lived on the Oort cloud for millennia.

Sealed inside her diamond sphere, equipped with sensory apparatus and an atmospheric filter, Xenoula landed safely on the burgeoning Earth. Here, the sensors and filters began their job of processing the virgin atmosphere into safe nutrients for her, while at the same time transmitting data back to the Oort cloud.

The pod lay partialy submerged in a swamp in New Guinea for thousands of years as the murmurings of a slowly evolving human civilisation began to unfold nearby.
Safely cocooned in the nutrient rich liquid, and conscious for short intervals only, Xenoula wrote songs about the world as she saw it emerge and transform around her.
As Earth’s industrial age began, the sphere began to detect and absorb increasing amounts of co2 and other pollutants and, during the next 200 years, the once pearl-white liquid surrounding Xenoula began to turn into a muddy oil.

Although fascinated by the rainbow swirls, she began to struggle as there were fewer nutrients needed to be able to sustain life inside the pod.
When Xenoula awoke in 2012, everything in the sphere was coated in a black oozing oil, built up over centuries, choking the filter and dripping back into the pod.

Lifting her head out of the corrosive liquid, Xenoula took her first breath of earth’s atmosphere, and pushed herself up and out through the filter hatch into a deep green rainforest.