Fat Eggs – Rainbrother. Copenhagen-based band Rainbrother shared new video for the track “Fat Eggs” that is part of the debut album. Frontman Bjarke Bendtsen explains “Fat Eggs is a song about giving into late night temptations, lusts, desires and the beauty of being human. The song is also about not caring too much and eating fat eggs when they’re on your plate and still hot”.

Kwymo – Halina Rice. London based avant-electronic producer Halina Rice announced her debut album REDUX. It is out on October 20th. Listen to the new track “Kwymo“.

Clap Your Hands – Le Youth (feat. Ava Max). Los Angeles-based Le Youth shared a new track titled “Clap Your Hands” that features Ava Max. Listen below.

Sicker Wit – Samsuo. A few months Crocodile, British musician and songwriter Samsuo shared a new track. “Sicker Wit” is out now. Listen below.

Scarier than Bears – Low Horizon. Houston-based Low Horizon just released a new single titled “Scarier than Bears”. It tells the true underdog story of Chance the Rap-Bear, a singer in a no name indie rock band who finds himself mysteriously transformed into a terrifying grizzly. As the novelty of his new identity becomes yet another routine, he develops a peanut addiction and anxiously confronts the mundane nature of Ursidae reality. The days grow short as winter stirs from her slumber; Chance (our hero) must choose to trudge through the void or fade into hibernation.