Sin Fang, sóley and Örvar Smárason (Múm) will release a new collaboration track at the end of each month in the year 2017 (via Morr Music). We already shared  “Random Haiku Generator“, “Wasted“, “Blackscreen“, “Slowly“, “Love Will Leave You Cold“ and “Citrus Light“.

We have the pleasure to premiere a new track titled “Tennis”. Listen below and read their words about the track and the project:

Sing Fang: “The july song is called tennis. it was the working title for it because when i started working on it i used samples of roger federer hitting a tennis ball from youtube and the commentator going crazy.this was all before roger federer won wimbledon last month and before our kids got roger federer jr tennis rackets (they got them today).

I remember driving to the countryside after just finishing my last album. the album took a really long time to make and some of the songs on the album were two years old. I thought wouldnt it be fun to write a song and release it the day after. i talked to örvar and sóley and we all agreed to make a song in three days every month. it has taken up way more time than we thought it would and we’ve spent a few nights mixing into the middle of the night, recording vocals the same day as the song is released and changing everything right before the song is finished to meet the deadline for each month. it’s going to be very fun to listen to all 12 songs in a row when the album comes out in december. i guess this started as a little fun experiment for us but it’s turning to be something with a life of it’s own. i dont think any of us would have made these kinds of songs solo really“.
Örvar Smarason: “The seventh song in our collaboration is called Tennis and is a reflection on love and tennis. Do these two things cross paths? Maybe that doesn’t matter. Anyway, a strange coincidence but mine and Sindri’s daughters just started tennis class this week.
One of the very best things about this project is that it’s like something that you would discuss with your friends at the pub and then never do. I am so extremely happy that we actually made this happen. Making a new collaboration song each month is more than just saying it. And now that we are more than half way through I can honestly say that this is shaping up to be one of the best albums I have ever been a part of“.

SòleyI came home from a short italy tour and basically went straight to my studio to listen to the newest demo from Sindri and Örvar and i had to come up with a melody and some lyrics asap. I listened to what i thought Sindri was singing about and made up some lyrics around that, recorded, sent it over to the guys and went to bed. 

I thought it was a great idea when Sindri asked if i wanted to join him and Örvar for a collaboration. I thought the idea of not being stuck to one “sound” or genre was really interesting. I think differently when i make a song for this project and it has taught me alot. Making a song just because you have to is a little fun. It might work or it might not. But somehow it has all worked out and i’m very excited to hear all the song on an album. Sindri and Örvar are such a great team to work with