Toronto-based singer-songwriter Tep No returned on Friday with his latest single “Eighteen”. In another partnership with Ultra Records, the soulful singer delights with a track that follows his career, the highs and the lows.

He shares, “I want to apologize to my parents, because they had to deal with a kid who was delusional about having a music career, and I know it was tough on them. I did get a Masters Degree because of them, and for that I am thankful. Now I have my own little family and my career, and I don’t see them as often as I’d like, and so I appreciate seeing them when I can. Growing up, I appreciate those days now a lot more then back then, when I was broke and wasn’t performing shows with Chainsmokers or Steve Aoki haha. “Eighteen” is an apologetic song dedicated to them and I know they’ll appreciate.”

Listen below.