Floor Overhead is the project of Brooklyn-based composer, sound artist and guitarist Andrew Farwell. After different self-released works, he shared his debut album. Uses For Pavement is out now via British label Whitelabrecs. Full streaming is available below.

Andrew has been playing guitar since the age of 12 and eventually migrated to making electronic and ambient music on computers some years later. His current approach to sound uses guitar recordings deconstructed and processed with inspiration drawn from industry heavyweights such as Steve Reich, Kevin Drumm, William Basinski and Fennesz.

Uses For Pavement is the product of quiet, happy accidents from guitar recordings that have been gently brushed over with some production to create a collage focused on spacing and permanence.
The album is an attempt to refuse the temptation to alter accident-prone inputs and superimpose the ‘shoulds’ of creation. Like thoughts, inputs are inherently unchangeable while our reaction to those inputs is negotiable. The result of this album is a heavy but structure-less space that serves as a shelter for otherwise lost ideas.