Maiya Hershey is a Lebanese-based sound producer and visual artist who spent most of her childhood years experimenting and learning with acoustic pianos and synthesizers. Tides is her debut full-length that will be out tomorrow via Amsterdam-based label Shimemring Moods. We have the great pleasure to premiere the enchanting title-track for our Singles Series.

Her words about the release:

“I wanted to create artificial soundscapes that extracted music out of the water, and these soundscapes belong to a world that is totally imaginary and futuristic; Tides was the result of merging completely different musical pieces together, in reverse, and creating inside of them a huge space of different silence breaks that followed the movements of the tides and ebbs.”


After composing a multitude of ambient and atmospheric singles, she produced her first debut album, Tides. Maiya focuses on creating organic sound loops that are stimulated by natural components, she experiments by layering elongated sound waves and reversed piano loops accentuating reverb and delay to portray atmospheric fluidity and otherness. Maiya’s pieces typically transcend the physical, creating new dreamlike worlds and inviting the listeners in through the visuals of her compositions. 
The water itself is the second collaborator on this fluid record because this music originated from the depth of the waters where life began to proliferate in an unfamiliar faraway land. This album is a fictional story that encompasses a new way of life manifesting in a creature that inherited all of human consciousness and memory. The music flow is an experience within itself inside this creature and all life within; for all things lost, and will be, belong to it entirely.