Dieter Von Deurne & The Politics is the new project of Antwerp-based musician Dieter Sermeus (The Go Find), harking back to an even earlier band called Orange Black, a project he formed at 15 years old and which eventually played support shows for indie greats such as Pavement, Seam, and Stereolab. Self-titled debut album will be out on August 25th via Morr Music. After “I’m on Trial“, we’re glad to premiere a new track titled “Heart Shaped Stone”. Listen below and read our talk with Dieter Sermeus.

Dieter von Deurne & The Politics is your new project. How is it born and how is different compared to your previous projects?

After the last Go Find record I needed a break from making music (I thought). But after two weeks I was already writing songs on a guitar ‘hanging around’ in our living room (I guess I neglected that guitar for some years). It’s a very basic and direct way of writing music. I forgot how much fun it is to just go to rehearsel with some friends and play music. We booked a studio and recorded the songs in 3 days. We booked 6. With the go find we were in the studio working on songs trying things and actually building the song in the studio. It took us always more then a month to finish a go find record.
Self-titled debut album will be out on August 25 via Morr Music. What is the idea or the concept behind it?
The band name may sounds a bit weird but it’s actually very logic. Its my first name and the name of the district in Antwerp were I live. The politics are the band. So it’s Dieter von Deurne and the politics. If there is a concept then it’s going back to my youth and the first bands I played in: rehearsing songs in a small room, recording them in a very short period and play as many shows as you can.  

The sound seems to have a lot of 1990s and 2000s roots. Is it right? What are the most influential bands and artists that inspired the sound of the album?

Yes it’s true it sounds very nineties. It’s not that we decided on making a retro album or something it’s just the combination of the spontaneous way in how we made the record (4 guys in a room playing songs) and off course I grew up with late eighties and nineties music so it’s obvious that I’m influenced by that music. But n a way it is a liberating feeling that we didn’t focus on constructing music but rather just play music. Maybe that was also more often the case in the nineties … but it’s not a statement or something… it’s just how it worked best for this record.

Bands that influenced us: pavement, flying nun bands, SST bands, Dinsosaur, Wipers….
How is important to have behind a label like Morr Music when you start a new project like this?

You can’t imagine how important that is. In the first place because they are friends and I’m happy that they want to go for it. I don’t take it for granted. You know… I said it before but the way Morr music handles their business is precious and being a part of that is something I’m very proud of.
Also it still helps when a label like Morr music releases your music. These days more then ever it’s hard to make yourself noticed. Defintely with this record which is I think a very good one 🙂 but it isn’t a revolutionary new sound so it can only work out if we get noticed, play live and let people feel and see how much fun we have and they can have, when attending a DVD show.

You played some shows in April and May? Will you play some gigs this summer to promote the album? How do you conceive the live show compared to the studio sessions?
Actually because we recorded the songs in 3 days (we hardly did any overdubs)… the live show is similar to the record. The only thing which is really different is the energy: these songs are ment to be played live on a stage.
We hope to play a lot of shows. We are doing some Belgian and Dutch festivals and working on a fall tour. We already did some shows in small clubs. I actually believe we have to start from scratch and play basements, small clubs with tiny PA’s, pubs… because with this music it works. There is no need for big PA systems. Ans also in those places you are very close to the audience and you immediately feel when something is working out or not. 

What are the best release you appreciate recently?
Here we go: Bedouine (on repeat almost all the time), Laurel Halo (Dust), Kevin Morby (City Music), Hoops(Routines), Linus (Linus + Skarbo/Leroux), Thurston Moore (rock ‘n roll consciousness), Tigran Hamasyan